I Know

I know I’ll have the time of my life with him. Life was good, but it just got better with him around. I know I’ll be taking him on awesome road trips and when we’re not playing war with his G.I. Joes I’ll teach him the true meaning of life and how the world works.

I know he’ll love it when I carry him around on my shoulders, when I give him piggy-back rides and when I throw him up and catch him as he laughs his bottom back to earth. I know I’d get tired of carrying him that long (he is getting bigger and heavier you know). So I know I’ll beg him for a short break, but we’ll spend it conspiring and talking about our plan to rule the world! He’d want us both kings, or else he’ll reject the throne, and I’d laugh hysterically … I mean why not!

I know …

We’ll have serious conversations about toys and dinosaurs … and I know I’ll have to come up with a less dramatic explanation why they don’t roam earth anymore. He’ll ask me to read him his favorite bedtime story forever and I know I will, at least until he starts finding them boring. I know we’ll build sandcastles together and then he’ll bury me neck deep under the sand and proceed to do all kind of crazy stuff with my unprotected face, but I know I’ll laugh from the bottom of my heart.

I know …

I’ll take millions of photos of him, arm-wrestle with him and pretend he beat the crap out of me. I know I’ll teach him how to be honest, respectful, how to love people and not to bully anyone and how not to take crap from anyone. I know I’ll teach him what life is all about as we stroll down parks and beaches, his little fingers barely making it around one of mine. I know it will probably come as a shock to him when he learns that daddy is not really a superhero (but I won’t lie about the fact that I do possess Superbabies raising powers). I know I’ll promise to listen and pay attention to him, give him all that time that he needs and always be there for him, and God willing, I know I will.

I know …

I’ll be missing him so damn much when I go to work every day and can’t wait to get back home to lift him up and squeeze him in my arms. I know we’ll both have a high pitched genuine laugh …. until I feel a small hand pulling on my shirt. I look down and there she is: “Daddy, it’s my turn now!!“, she’d say, reminding me how blessed I am with not one, but two little angels.

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